Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Trick to Remember Aperture

I finished another quilt for my Etsy Shop!  And so I decided to take it outside to take photographs of it.  Spring is such a nice time to take pictures. The green in all the plants is so vibrant and you usually can find a little color in the blooms around.  Irises are my favorite flower and here in Texas they are blooming everywhere!  So I stuck my quilt up on the fence and took a few pictures.

 As I was going in I noticed my cat lounging among the flowers and thought how nice of him to pose for me for me like that.  I’m just learning the art of photography and the more I experiment with the functions on my camera the more fun it gets.  At the present I keep my camera setting on P (program mode) I’m learning about aperture (F-stop) because it’s what makes that one item in focus and all the rest blurry giving the subject that “popped-high definition” look.  The way I remember it is; the lower the F-stop number the fewer things in focus.  So I set my F-stop at 4.4 and got Merlin in focus and St. Francis blurred.
Meet Merlin

I've been told that if I use a telephoto lens, I'll get an even more dramatic effect. Can't wait to try that.

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