About Me

So I’m starting this blog as a place to put my thoughts and ideas about this wonderful, crazy, tragic, sometime almost magic, awful, beautiful life of mine. The name of my blog comes from Psalm 139:14(New Living Translation) and it is so true as I’m sure you are too. I am a very complex person. For starters I have about a bazillion interests and want to pursue them all! Also I deeply feel a wide spectrum of emotions and act on them freely. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which I attribute to my wise and intellectual father along with a desire for all things beautiful which I attribute to my elegant and very stylish mother.

I’ve recently opened a shop at Etsy.com as an outlet for one of my bazillion interests my love of sewing and needlework. The items in my shop are handmade baby items and 10% of the proceeds go to Sound Options Pregnancy Center. I’ve limited my brand to just baby items with reasons that are connected back to how complex I am and how sometimes life can be tragic. But more on that subject later. For now let me just say people can choose to let this life make them bitter or better. I choose better.

Lord thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous, how well I know it. Psalm 139:14

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