Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Blog

Good morning friends.  With my new house I want to document all the projects and adventures of making it a welcoming home.  I have decided to create a new blog just for this.

The new blog is: Kristina's Home Journal and I would love for you come over and check it out.

I will not be posting here on this blog anymore so click the link below and come see all the new changes.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and a New Home

I am so excited! A new home to make my own.  I always dreamed of having my own home.  My husband and I have been renting for 10 years.  We saved our money and watched the market.  The time was right and after looking at several houses and putting in offer after offer, we finally found our dream home.

For the most part the house was move in ready.  It just needed a little paint and cleaning.  My biggest challenge has been trying to decide where to put all our stuff.  The more I look at the boxes towering over me the more overwhelmed I get.

I want to have an organized and clean home where my husband and I can relax and enjoy the blessings God has given us.  I feel an organized and clean home brings feelings of peace and calm which leads to joy and happiness.

So where to start?

I hope you will follow along as I work through transforming our house into a home.  In the past I have used the techniques learned on the Flylady website.  I have recently found another helpful site called Clean Mama.  If you have a great website you know of that will help me on my journey please leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by.  You can also follow me by facebook and pinterest and email too.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word 2015

I was introduce to the book One Word That Will Change Your Life last year and fell in love with the concept of focusing on one word all year instead of trying keep a new year resolution.  The concept of ONE WORD is to get rid of the long list of changes and goals for the new year and instead focus on just one word that encompasses your character and creates a vision for your future.

Here is the post I wrote last year:  One Word Will Change Your Life

Last year's I picked the word Today.  Looking back I can really notice a difference that one word has made in my life.  I don't tend to drift off in a daydream about future ideas or think on thoughts of regrets of yesterday like before.  And when I catch myself in one of those states I simply remember my word Today and snap out of it. I also noticed I got a lot of projects completed including a wedding quilt for my step-daughter and a baby quilt for my step-grand.

It's a new year and time for a new word.