Monday, April 16, 2012

My Daily Schedule

5 Week Challenge, Week 2

Last week I started following Courtney's 5 Week Challenge.  In week 1 I took the challenge to write down everything I ate.  I was pretty successful and it showed me why I have gained 20 lbs in these last two years. This week is a time management challenge.

Courtney over at Women Living Well is challenging us to write out a list of what we need to get done this week .  Being so complex as I am I definitely need a schedule to follow or I’d never get anything done!  I have found when I sit down on Sunday evenings and write down everything that needs to be accomplished for the week I am more calm throughout my days.  One person who has helped me in the area of schedule making is Flylady.  Check out her site here:

I don’t have a very consistent weekly schedule except Mondays when I plan my menus for the week and then go grocery shopping for the week.  I try to get this done before 10am.

I do try to follow a daily schedule though:
                6:30 coffee/Bible devotions and memory
                7:30 get dressed, straighten bathroom, make bed, start load of laundry if needed
                8:00 check menu for dinner, read e-mails and facebook

                Practice guitar
                Work on blog
                Work on projects for my Etsy shop
                Check emails/facebook

                5:30 start dinner (I turn on the news while cooking)

After Dinner:
                Cat boxes
                Take out trash
                Straighten livingroom
                Clean off desk in kitchen
                Check calendar for tomorrow
                Check emails/facebook 

9:30 Bed time (I set an alarm on my phone to remind me. LOL
                My husband and I read in bed and lights out around 10:30 or 11

Thanks Courtney for this weeks challenge.

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