Friday, August 9, 2013

Painting Plastic Outdoor Chairs

I have so many pins on my Pinterest Boards and after my trip to Maine I was very inspired to attempt one of the projects.  In Maine everyone and mean EVERYONE has Adirondack chairs in their front yards!  Well I have two plastic ones in my backyard but they are old and very weathered.  I know I could go buy two new ones but then my old ones would in up in the landfill.  Very Sad idea.  But they would look great with a fresh coat of paint!  At first I thought I would do traditional white but... how boring is that.

After reading all the pins on my Pinterest Board on how to paint plastic chairs I headed out to my local home improvement store and purchased six cans of paint especially made for plastic.  It took three coats to cover them but I love the new look.

So Pretty

So ugly

very dirty

a good scrubbing

three coats

and voila! brand new cheerful chairs!

They really brighten up the yard.
Happy Pinning!


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  1. I LOVE this!!!! Isn't spray paint miracle in a can?