Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Vacation in Maine

Summertime and a vacation!  I'm so excited to finally get away.  My DH and I traveled to Maine this summer and I would love to share with you some of our adventures.

Most vacations we pack up the car and enjoy a long road trip but Texas to Maine is a little far so we braved the security lines and took to the air.


My husband had read about Blowing Cave in Kennebunkport so that was our first stop. When arriving we discovered it is across from President George H W Bush's home and there is a nice plaque to give a little information.

We checked into our hotel in Portland and then asked a local where to get dinner.  Their suggestion was The Dogfish CafĂ©.  David had a lobster roll which he loved and I had a delicious bowl of Haddock chowder.  Yum.  I love sea turtles and had to get my picture by this mural on the side of the restaurant.

On our second day in Portland we spent our day doing genealogical research at the Maine Historical Society's library then walked the streets of Old Port.  We had a late lunch at Gilbert's Chowder House where the lobster roll and haddock chowder was awesome!
And of course a trip to Maine is nothing without lighthouses!  Here are a few we visited.

Portland Head, Portland, ME
Pemaquid Lighthouse, Bristol, ME
Owl's Head, Owl's Head, ME

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, ME
(lighthouse Forest Gump ran to in movie)

Dyce Head Lighthouse, Castine, ME

Bass Harbor, Acadia National Park

These last three lighthouse we saw from the boat on our puffin cruise out of Bar Harbor, ME
They are Mark Island Lighthouse, Egg Rock Island Lighthouse and Petit Manan Island Lighthouse
All we did in Maine is way too much for one blog post so stay tuned for my next installment of a Vacation in Maine coming soon.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Painting Plastic Outdoor Chairs

I have so many pins on my Pinterest Boards and after my trip to Maine I was very inspired to attempt one of the projects.  In Maine everyone and mean EVERYONE has Adirondack chairs in their front yards!  Well I have two plastic ones in my backyard but they are old and very weathered.  I know I could go buy two new ones but then my old ones would in up in the landfill.  Very Sad idea.  But they would look great with a fresh coat of paint!  At first I thought I would do traditional white but... how boring is that.

After reading all the pins on my Pinterest Board on how to paint plastic chairs I headed out to my local home improvement store and purchased six cans of paint especially made for plastic.  It took three coats to cover them but I love the new look.

So Pretty

So ugly

very dirty

a good scrubbing

three coats

and voila! brand new cheerful chairs!

They really brighten up the yard.
Happy Pinning!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Double Nickel Birthday

Last week was my husband's 55th birthday and when I asked what he'd like he said two nickels. At first I was disappointed that I couldn't find any ideas on line for double nickel birthdays but that just made me have to come up with my own.

Besides taping two nickels to his birthday card I created a special birthday t-shirt for him to wear for the day.

It was really simple.  I created the design on my scrapbooking software.  Then printed it out on iron-on paper, followed the instructions and voila!


Happy Birthday Sweetheart!