Monday, December 30, 2013

Comparing Prices, What I Learned Today

Ok I know they told me shopping with coupons would take more time but 4 hours?!  It was my first time and I wanted to see what Costco's bulk prices were first.  I had my other grocery store flyers in hand and my Price Book sheets for each store.  In Costco I wrote down the prices for the named brand and store brand of just a few things like computer ink, paper towels, toilet tissue and meats.
It would be impossible to compare everything I ever buy.  Then I went to Walmart.  The first thing that made me smile is that they do have a flyer.  It is just not mailed out.  So I'll need to pick one up on Friday's when the other ones are mailed to me.  Ok, so now I have to see if Walmart has anything on sale that I brought coupons for so I sat a table in the McDonald's and made a note of what matched.  Off to get a cart and start shopping.  Going down my grocery list I write prices on my Price Book pages.  I figure after a few weeks of this I'll have most items I buy recorded.  Compared adds, coupons and store brand prices and made my choices. I ended up buying most things at Walmart but my Tom Thumb had a much better sale price on New York strip that we are having for New Year's Eve dinner and Iams Cat food was on sale at Tom Thumb along with the coupon was a better deal.  All in all it was very enlightening.  I'm exhausted but encouraged and look forward to trying again next week.

One more thing.  I found our computer ink much lower on line at  and Costco store brand paper towels and toilet tissue was a better deal.

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