Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 2

I had a very successful week! I’m down 2.8 lbs!

WW takes all the guess work out of tracking food and exercise.  And now with technology it’s even easier.   I track all my progress on the WW website in addition I have the WW app and bar scanner on my phone.  I put my phone up to the scan bar on an item of food and it gives me the nutrition and points value.  I love it!

My favorite product this week is the Aloha!  Almond Bars.  They don’t melt in the car!  Even my Texas car!

At this week’s meeting we talked about ways to spice up our cooking.

Some ways to explore spices to enhance your cooking:
One of my favorite spices for the grill is Tony’s Cajun Seasoning. I put it on almost everything.

Here are some others from the group:

Allspice in meatballs

Cinnamon on peaches on the grill

Chili on pineapple on the grill

Horseradish in mashed potatoes

Nutmeg in cooked carrots

Sage in egg dishes

These were just a few suggestions.  Our challenge is to try a new spice this week.  I’m going to the WW community board to see what they are suggesting too.

So until next week - Shake! Shake! Shake it up! Add some flavor then go savor!

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