Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 1

The weight loss journey begins again.  How many of you have started a diet, lost a few pounds, got bored, quit and gained the weight back?  Me too.  Besides the fact that I can’t fit into my spring or summer clothes right now, I also have my step daughter’s wedding coming up in a year.  Now I know I’m not morbidly obese but I am overweight which equals unhealthy.

So I went to a Weight Watchers meeting last week and thought I would use my blog to track my journey.   The topic for this week is grocery shopping.  One thing I found interesting from the discussion was that all the good healthy stuff is on the perimeter of grocery stores and all the bad unhealthy stuff is down the center isles.

They gave us a list of things to avoid such as:
Potato chips

Regular soda

White bread

Pre-made” lunch” packs

Canned fruit in syrup

Granola (even low fat is high in sugar)

Frozen tacos

100 calorie snacks bags (because they don’t satisfy and you eat again)

Prepared chicken wings

Fill your grocery cart with these instead:

Fat free Greek yogurt

Whole grain reduced calorie bread

Fresh fruits and veggies

Peanut butter

A treat or two in easy to control portions


Fat free salsa


Canned beans

Quinoa, barley, bulgur and other whole grains

Skinless, boneless chicken breasts

100% bran cereal no sugar added

 Some other tips WW suggests are:
*Plan your week’s menu ahead of time, then create a shopping list (include a treat); write the items in the order on your route through the store

*Eat a healthy snack before you go so you’re less vulnerable to bakery aromas or appealing-looking items on the shelves.

*Shop alone so you’re not swayed by requests, especially from the kids.

 By sharing my journey I’m hoping to inspire those of you out there who also are need to lose a few pounds to get back to that healthy weight. 

Weight Watchers Week 1

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