Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bluebonnets- it’s a Texas Thang

Nothing welcomes in spring to me more than driving our state highways lined with gorgeous bluebonnets.  And this year has been an exceptionally bountiful crop!

I love seeing all my friends’ pictures of their children sitting in the sea of vibrant blue and green on Facebook.  And years ago a friend of my parents gave me an oil painting depicting a typical Texas landscape complete with rolling hills of bluebonnets.  My husband is the photographer in the family and has taken many gorgeous photographs of our state's pride so I'd like to capture their beauty in a different way.

I’m thinking maybe a quilt.  But what kind?  A wall hanging?   Or maybe a throw.?  A traditional pattern or something modern and wonky?  What do you think?  Well I do know one thing and that is I'm off to the fabric store to scout out my choices!!!

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