Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Word Will Change Your Life

So I've been toiling with the idea of new year resolutions, reflecting on what I'd like to change and just basically how I'd like 2014 to be memorable.  As I was watching Good Morning America this morning while waiting for the Rose Bowl Parade I caught the interview with author Jon Gordon who wrote the book One Word That Will Change Your Life.  I love this idea!  I could go on and on about it but the video explains it so much better.

Click HERE to view video

Some of the words Im thinking of are:

Before I decide I need to do some real thinking.  Some priority making.  Some focus on a vision.

I need purpose.  I don't want to just exist. There are things that are getting in my way of this.  First my lack of consistent focus. I tend to get distracted by other more interesting things and so I hardly ever complete any projects or ideas I start.  I heard a saying once that has stuck with me: "It's better to finish than to start."  I'm great at starting.  I make a big deal about it by planning it, getting all the stuff I need to complete it and talk and talk and talk about it.  I celebrate the start. Problem is I don't finish and then after a while no one wants to celebrate with my starts anymore because they see no finish.  I need to get rid of these extra projects to get my purpose back in focus.

I've spent the day really thinking about my word for this year and I've decided on TODAY.

Through out the year I will remember to focus on today.  I will keep my one word front and center. I will ask myself today questions.  What tasks need to be done today.  Who can I help today. What did I learn today. What am I thankful for today.

This year it will be all about TODAY!


  1. Great word, Kristina! All about being present in the moment. Thank you for sharing info on the book.

  2. Today is a precious choice that pretty much can include most of the other words you had on your initial list. :) Blessings to you as you seek to make the most of today!