Tuesday, March 18, 2014

UFO (unfinished object) is finished after 10 years

I fist learned to quilt when I was a young wife in a small town and didn't know a soul.  One afternoon I was exploring my new hometown and discovered a quilt shop.  I didn't even know they existed at the time.  I walked in the door and my world was changed forever.  I signed up for the beginners class and fell in love.  A few years later we moved and the first thing I did in my new hometown was look up where the local quilt shop was.  Over the years I have moved many times and have so many wonderful friends and memories from all those wonderful quilt shops I had found.  

Here is a quilt I started for myself 10 years ago from one of those many quilt classes.  The instructor used the new (2005) issue of Better Homes and Gardens Quilt book to teach us how to make the classic monkey wrench block.



  1. wow it's gorgeous! glad you finished, that's a good feeling. I have a painting down cellar that has been sitting there unfinished and i'm avoiding it. hoping to force myself to finish it this weekend! found you on wine'd down wednesday!

    1. Lindsay thank you. Love the name of your blog.