Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting My House in Order

We leave in a few days for Thanksgiving and when I get back Christmas will be here before I  know it!  My house is such mess I don't know how I'll get it all cleaned and decorated before company comes. I'm so anxious about it I could not sleep and so I got up at 4am to see what advice I could find on the Internet.  Wow! who would of guessed there are so many websites and blogs to help me with my task. Oh but where to start?

The Morning Routine!  every site says start with your morning routine.  I have one so that wasn't difficult to incorporate.  I even wrote a post about it here

1. healthy breakfast
2. God's word
3. get dressed
4. make bed
5. check calendar and to do list

Now that I am dressed which job to tackle first?

I decided to make a grand master list of everything I want to do before Christmas.  And at the top of that list is to get my office area cleaned up.

Of course if I don't get off this computer I will never get anything done.  So until tomorrow, I hope you all have a happy organized and productive day!

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