Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michie Tavern ca. 1784

On our vacation last week we drove through Charlottesville, VA and stopped for lunch at Michie's Tavern. I just had to share our experience with you. The tavern has been feeding travelers for over 200 years now!  All I can say is the food was great and the atmosphere was authentic.  We enjoyed a bountiful colonial midday fare of pork stew, fried chicken, field peas, green beans, tomatoes and buttermilk biscuits! Yummm!

The taverns of old were a great place to gather for the latest news from afar and to discuss the days current affairs.  As I was reading the history of the tavern I discovered such was the case here too.  The proprietor William Michie was politically active, and a crowded Inn afforded the opportunity to express his views. Earlier in 1779, when local countrymen were weakening in their support of America’s cause, William signed the Albemarle Declaration of Independence and most likely persuaded his patrons to follow suit. One can almost image the heated political discussions that took place over a tankard of ale or spiced rum.

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